Man Sets Himself On Fire

Today I was taking a gander at  Reuters Fact Check and stumbled upon this article; The article speaks on how a man from Italy set himself on fire due to losing his teaching job due covid-19 vax mandates. However, this was not all true. The family reached out and asked for privacy and silence about the situation and how the covid-19 vaccination had no corralation with the grusome act.

There were two posts on Twitter about the situation. Both stating false information about the act that took place. The fisrt was posted on January 31, 2022 and had a caption of “In Italy, a man set himself on fire in protest of vax mandates after losing his job. Take a look.” The second was posted on Febuary 1, 2022 and had a caption of “Yesterday in Italy a 33-year-old teacher set himself on fire protesting vaccine mandates after being suspended from his job without pay. He died today. #NoVaccineMandates.”

Both of these tweets have misinformed the public of the true information that took place that day. The lawyer of the family also stated “We regret that unfounded information has spread about the motivations of the gesture along with speculation on a story that requires the right to respect and a dutiful silence.” Followed by the family explaining he already had his first two injections of the vaccination and was awaiting the third. This was also found and stated, “Local news outlet Calabria News, which spoke to the man’s cousin and a carabinieri commander, reported that claims of him being suspended from work were also untrue. He had reportedly asked for two days of leave for personal reasons.” Finding that the information posted was in fact false and is not credible.

Here is a linnk that the “tweeters” may have gotten confused about the two situations. I also beilive they may have used the situation to gain an advantage by giving misleading information for their personal motives.

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